Company Profile..

Export Solutions Co. is a company established in the year 2016

a company that deals in trade in seasonal fruit such as fresh citrus fruits of all kinds oranges with the varieties of Nael and Valencia and mandarin and lemon

As well as different types of mangoes, local and foreign and also different varieties of grapes.


We are sure that it is harder to get to the top is to keep it, so our main goal is to continue to cooperate with us forever, and this is the real challenge, and we know that this will not come if our goods have your satisfaction, we hope this, good thinking

We are a team specialized..

in the cultivation of fruit, we understand their special needs

especially those that follow the harvest of transactions from the beginning of the collection to reach the final consumer the desired quality.

Our attention is focused on customer satisfaction first and lastly, because we care about the specifications required of the customer (as much as we can)

Therefore, we are dealing with export terminals accredited by the General Authority for the control of exports and imports, and these stations have the excellent experience in dealing with the fruit in terms of sterilization, staging, packaging, and all the necessary processes, so that we have the satisfaction of the customer which is our ultimate goal.

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The company also deals with shipping companies

fully professional in the shipping of land, sea and air, so that the arrival of fresh fruit as required and fully desired.

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